All of Us – #123

Fr. Larry Lisowski Immaculate Conception St. Joseph Parishes Catholic Church in Chicago

Let Us Give Thanks To God

We approach the feast of Thanksgiving this week. This holiday is a special moment for families and friends who gather to enjoy quality time and share a traditional meal that will certainly stuff their stomachs, but more importantly nourish their souls. I hope your gatherings, either local or far away, are blessed moments for you. May the holiday be a “holy day,” that gives us the opportunity to rest from all the running around we do during the week, and “just be” with one another.

We hold in our prayers those who have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving and those who will be alone. Thank you to all who made donations to our Parish Food Pantry. It is a simple way of helping the poor right here in our neighborhood.

We remember our men and women serving in the military, especially those overseas, far from their families this Thanksgiving. We are grateful for their sacrifice and dedication to our country. We pray for a quick and safe return home.

Let us remember our beloved ones who have died within the last year. The first Thanksgiving without them is always difficult. May we be reassured that their feast is now in heaven and that they are seated at the table with our Risen Lord.

I hope you can join us for our Mass on Thanksgiving that will take place at 9:00 AM at Immaculate Conception Church. I always believed that if there was one day that the American bishops should designate as a holy day of obligation, it should be Thanksgiving. It makes the most sense. My dream is that on Thanksgiving Day that there is “standing room only” for Mass.

We need to let God know our gratitude for all the blessings we have received in our lives, and within the last year. If you are in town for Thanksgiving, please join us for Mass in the morning. I guarantee that you will be home by 10:00 AM; which gives you plenty of time to put the bird in the oven and the beer on ice.

Immaculate Conception St. Joseph Parishes Catholic Church in Chicago Wooden Sign Company

Soon And Very Soon

The wooden exterior signs that are on order for our Churches have taken longer than expected to complete. It has been a slow and tedious process. (I hope we do not have to rely on Santa to deliver them on Christmas Eve.) Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be able to bless them at Mass before they are permanently installed. Yes, patience is a virtue. I am sure they will look great when they are done. Below are a few pictures for our recent visit to the woodshop.

Can You Help?

We still are in need of a couple more drivers who can help our senior parishioners, who rely on our shuttle service, to attend church on Sunday. For more information, please contact Mark Besztery, our Parish Business manager. He can explain the requirements and expectations. The commitment would be about once a month. Even though tips may be light, the rewards in heaven will be huge!

– Fr. Larry