All of Us – #129

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     Fr. Larry Lisowski Immaculate Conception St. Joseph Parishes Catholic Church in Chicago

A New Year For New Things

The beginning of a new year comes with many promises that we make to ourselves. Many of them center around the desire to improve our lives, like losing weight, stop smoking, exercise more or drink less. We review our lives and see what changes can be made that will help us to be healthier and happier.

The beginning of a new year can also be a great opportunity to make some "spiritual resolutions." It can be a time for a fresh start to help deepen our faith and relationship with God. Some resolutions to embrace could be:

  • Read the Bible.
  • Join our Scripture Study group.
  • Be more involved in the parish. Join a particular LiturgicalOutreach, or Educational ministry and share your gifts and talents.
  • Participate more at Mass.
  • Read a book that will help you better understand our Catholic faith.
  • Take more time for daily prayer and reflection. Our site offers some daily resources.
  • Find a spiritual director.
  • Work for peace and justice.
  • Perform one of the corporal or spiritual works of mercy each week.
  • Help the poor by donating food or clothes to our Parish Food Pantry.
  • Tutor a child or assist the elderly.

How is God calling you to something new this year? What interesting dreams might God have for us?

Learning About The Eucharist

I look forward to next Sunday, January 10th, when I will meet with the parents of our children who are preparing for their First Holy Communion in April. The 11:00 AM Mass next Sunday will be our annual “Teaching Mass” in which I will explain parts of the liturgy so that we gain a better appreciation of why we do what we do when we gather for our Sunday worship.

We can easily fall into a routine when it comes to weekly worship. Our prayer can become automatic, lifeless and boring. We can fail to appreciate the significance and beauty of our actions, words and rituals. The best celebration of the Eucharist occurs when there is a full and active participation by all.

Reasons to Register

We encourage all who regularly worship at Immaculate Conception or St. Joseph to be registered parishioners. Registration is a sign of commitment and support to the overall life of a parish community. It also indicates one’s willingness to belong to our parish family.

It is necessary for our Parish Staff to have the basic information to contact and communicate with individual families. Telephone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses provide helpful information so that we can minister to families especially in emergency situations.

Also, every Catholic needs to have their sacramental information documented. Copies of one’s Baptismal, First Communion, Confirmation and Marriage records are required at various times in our life.

A family that plans to enroll their children in either our Parish School or Religious Education Program should be registered, especially if they intend to have their children receive the Sacraments of the Church in the near future.

A registered family is able to receive important information about the parish that often comes through a direct mailing.

Sometimes a person is asked to serve as a godparent for a relative or a friend. They are required to provide information stating that they are currently a registered parishioner; practicing their faith, and supporting the overall life of the parish.

If your contact information has recently changed, please take the time to update your family file. Note that our Parish Mailing list is only used for church purposes and never shared with business or other organizations.

You can register or update your information on our website, by completing the Registration form found in the back of either church – or even by texting your full name and email address to 312-313-1679!

– Fr. Larry