All of Us – #154

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     Fr. Larry Lisowski Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph Parish Catholic Church in Chicago

In Loving Memory

Last weekend I was privileged to celebrate a Memorial Mass for Mary Lollie, who had an unwavering faith in God. She was born on September 11, 1928, and felt the call to be baptized as an adult Catholic here at Immaculate Conception on April 18th, 1981 by Fr. Jim Jakes at the Easter Vigil. Mary remained loyal to her faith in Christ until her last days. 

Mary Lollie

Mary Lollie

Mary was a wife for over 39 years to Mr. Eugene Lollie. She worked various jobs in her life, even here at Immaculate Conception when 3 of her children and 1 grandchild were students in our parish school. For the past 7 years Mary lived in Minnesota so that her children could take good a care of her.

It was interesting talking to Mary’s daughters at the funeral as they shared with me many fond memories of what their life was like growing up back in the 80’s. Their family lived just a few blocks away from our parish and the children would walk a couple of blocks to school. They remembered some of the religious sisters who educated them. It was neat to hear their stories that made one of the many chapters included in our long parish history come to life. Mary’s family allowed me to step back in time with them and thank God for all the blessings they have received. It was good to know that they were spiritually cared for at an early age and continue today to be a proud Catholic. Their mother gave them the gift of faith, and helped them to know the God that she deeply loved in her life.

A Few Ideas for Summer

Summer is a sacred time that God gives us. “Sacred” in the sense that life tries to slow down and we look forward to doing the things that we never seem to get around to. We look forward to those things that will give us life; help us to recharge, and lift our spirits. This new life might come to us as we jump into a lake on a humid day, read a good book on the beach, or enjoy an evening sunset on a patio with good friends.

In the June/July edition of Our Sunday Visitor Magazine there was a good article entitled, “Grow Your Faith this Summer.” Summer is a great time to take a breath and reorient our hearts and minds to the mission and message of Christ. Here are a few suggestions to grow in your Catholic faith during the warm season. 

  • Make Mass a Priority – Resist the temptation to skip Mass during the summer months when you are on vacation. Gathering together with the Church to receive Christ is essential to our faith.
  • Do Some Spiritual Reading – Set aside some special time for reflection on a spiritual topic such as the lives of the saints. The stories of these real life people, who lived out their faith in courageous ways, help us on our path of discipleship.
  • Visit a Holy Place – Take a trip to a monastery, a shrine of a famous church, and experience some of the different types of spirituality that are all part of the Catholic faith. Ask if there are tours and be sure to visit the gift shop for possible resources for the coming autumn.
  • Simplify Your Life – Summer is a great time to sort through clothing, toys, sports equipment and other possessions. Remember to clean out your office! Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to a local food pantry.
  • Do Something for Someone Else – Make a point this summer to reach out to people in need. Bring some flowers to the local nursing home. Deliver a bag of groceries to a neighbor. Offer to babysit for new parents. Summer is a time for resting, reaching out and growing—mind, body and spirit.

Opportunities for Our Young Adults

Many of our neighboring parishes (Old St. Michael’s, St. Vincent De Paul and St. Clement) will be offering some great opportunities for young adults to reflect and learn about their Catholic faith. Theology On Tap is a speaker series offered by the Archdiocese of Chicago for young adults who are actively engaged in their faith as well as those searching for important life questions.

Theology on Tap proudly enters its 35th summer. There will be 25 sites this summer that will have a wonderful group of speakers and presenters covering dozens of topics. Young adults are able to celebrate their youth and faith with other young adults across the Chicagoland area. There will be plenty of food, drink, and great fellowship.  For detailed information about all the presentations that will be offered, check out

A Family of Families

You may want to save this bulletin as a keep-sake for the future. Why? Well, this will be the last bulletin printed for our two separate parishes. As of July 1st, we will be canonically combined and function as one entity, one parish, with two worship sites. Archbishop Cupich has approved and affirmed our new model for parish ministry. Our faith community will now be known as “Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph Parish.”   

One theme that surfaced from the Parish Transformation program that best describes our new identity was that: “We Are a Family of Families.” Our Parish Staff have been working hard to figure out some of the “branding issues” that are associated with the combination of parishes. We want to avoid confusion that can easily come when directing parishioners as to where they will meet; where their baptism or wedding will be held; or how to register for the parish; or how to make out a check for a donation. More information will be provided in the months ahead to assist us as new function as one family. We promise to keep it clear and simple. 

– Fr. Larry