All of Us – #192

Fr. Larry Lisowski Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph Parish Catholic Church in Chicago

Happy Feast Day!

March 19th is the feast of St. Joseph, the patron saint of our parish, of family life. We proudly celebrate with Catholics world-wide: with Holy Mass, followed by great food and good fellowship.

We honor St. Joseph with an age-old tradition called, “The St. Joseph Table.” History has it that this tradition began on the Italian island of Sicily. There was a drought that ruined the harvest and caused a famine. The Sicilians prayed to St. Joseph, the patron saint of the family, and their prayers were answered when the famine and the drought receded.

Homage to St. Joseph comes in the form of food and celebration. Over the years many different types of foods have joined the traditional collage that today is known as the St. Joseph Table – all done in the theme of bounty food for all.

Our St. Joseph’s Feast takes place this Sunday at 12:00 noon in the school cafeteria at our Hill Street campus. I hope you can make it to the table as we continue to strive to be a parish that Pope Francis calls a “Family of Families.” Many of our local restaurants in our neighborhood have graciously donated some of their best dishes for us to enjoy. There is a spot for you at the table! Join us!

Pregnant?  There are Options

St. Joseph is also recognized as the patron saint for adoptions given that he was the foster-father for his son Jesus. Adoption can be a viable option for those ready to start a family.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago is committed to supporting all members of the adoption circle; birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted individuals throughout the normal lifespan. Catholic Charities understands that each adoption journey is unique. 

To assist individuals and families, the following post adoption services are offered for those whose adoption was facilitated by St. Vincent’s, Catholic Home Bureau or Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. For more in-formation you may call 312-655-7088 or email

As we remember the life and faith of St. Joseph, I want-ed to share with you this beautiful prayer that captures his life.

Silent and well-known carpenter in Nazareth,
model of workers,
by the work of your hands
you gave your contribution to the work of the Creator,
you earned your living,
and you provided for the needs of the Holy Family.
Intercede for all workers,
especially for all the unemployed,
in their anxieties for tomorrow.
So that through the guidance of God
the great Architect and Builder,
they all may use their strength and talents
to make visible God’s new creation,
to offer a concrete service to society,
and to earn wages of their efforts.

From Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers, USCCB

And Now … The Rest of the Story

We are getting into a very special part of Lent, because of the three powerful gospel stories that we will hear pro-claimed at Mass this month. We will see what happens when Jesus meets a woman at the well, then a blind man on the road, and a guy name Lazarus who suddenly died. All three receive the gift of peace and new life from the Lord.

As our parish journeys together through these next three weeks of Lent, a reflection based on the gospel for the day will be given at Mass. It will be in the first-person narrative. It will allow us to imagine what happens to these people after Jesus leaves and they now go on with their life. We will let the story continue. In their own words, they will tell us how Jesus changed their life. This is a prayerful way to bring the Word of God to life.The big question posed to us this Lent is: “After meeting Jesus, now what will happen to us?”  


“Viva La Papa”

Congratulations to Pope Francis who recently celebrated the 4th anniversary of his election.  “Long live the Pope!”

– Fr. Larry