All of Us – #207

Fr. Larry Lisowski Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph Parish Catholic Church in Chicago

God Bless Our Dad’s

We are grateful for all the bags of food that were recently donated to our Parish Food Pantry in memory of our fathers. These donations will help to stock our shelves and carry us through the summer months. Thank you for your donations. May the loving memories of our fathers continue to enable us to be generous to the poor of our community.  Please hold in your prayer the following fathers.

Armand Antonicci
Todd Arnold
John Comer
Frank Cristello
Ralph N. Davis Jr.
Joseph DeVito
Dominic Desapri
Thomas J. Doyle
James P. Eagan
William M. Eagan
Jim Elson
John Ferris
Thomas L. Flynn
Jr. Mario Guevara
James J. Harvey
Earl Hester Sr.
Dennis Higgins
Stephen Hoban
Adam Kasapski
Henry N. Kaup
Peter H. Kaup Sr.
James Kelly
Luowig Kroll
Ed Lanctot
Edmund G. Lazuka
Charles Lopardo
Michael Lopardo
Pasquale Lopardo
Salvadore Mendoza
Earl Moore
M.C. Murphy
George Nieman Sr
Walter G. Penn
John Joseph Pollina
Harold Prendergast
Tom Reynolds
Frank Soluski
Robert Clifton Spargo
VM Sreedevan
W. John Stanley IV
Kenneth P. Sullivan
Pete Tortorello
Lois Wilke
John Paul Williams
Mike Winiarski

God Bless Our Bricks

At the end of this month we will have a special opportunity to acknowledge and thank all who have made a personal donation to the To Teach Who Christ Is capital campaign. On Sunday, July 30th at 12:00 noon, we will have a reception in the school courtyard at the Hill Street campus of our school. We will bless over 300 memorial brick pavers that will be engraved with the names of our campaign donors. The bricks will be installed on the walls of the school courtyard.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to order a brick paver for your family, you can still do so by contacting Angela Gore at our Parish Office. She can provide you with the order form.

God Bless Our Country

We celebrate our national holiday this Tuesday. The Fourth of July is a day of parades, political speeches, fireworks and backyard barbecues. But most of all, let us remember that this is a day of celebrating our independence; an independence which was won and is maintained by the sacrifice of many lives. 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

We offer thanks to God for much that is good about our country, especially the freedom to practice our religion. Sadly, still today in some countries we witness the martyrdom of believers who do not have lost their religious freedom. They unfortunately live out their faith with fear. May we not take for granted our ability to worship our God as a family of faith. May God continue bless our country with the gift of freedom and peace.

– Fr. Larry