All of Us – #208

Fr. Larry Lisowski Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph Parish Catholic Church in Chicago

Be A Child Again

I subscribe to Word Among Us, a Catholic magazine. Every month it publishes several simple articles to help believers deepen their faith and enhance their prayer and reflection. I wanted to share with you their scriptural reflection for the readings we hear proclaimed at Mass this Sunday.

Life is an adventure for little children. Give a young boy a toy fire engine, and he’ll spend hours putting out a giant fire. Give a young girl a doll, and she’ll treat it as her own child. Children are also imaginative. Give them the box from a large appliance, and they’ll quickly turn it into a rocket ship, a sports car, or a house. Children also keep things simple. They believe everything their parents tell them. They make friends almost immediately. They give affection freely and without suspicion.
We adults, on the other hand, ask far too many questions. We like to think things through. We weigh the pros and cons of a decision carefully and examine every angle. While that’s generally a good thing, too much examination can become a hindrance. This is especially true when it comes to issues of faith. That’s why Jesus encourages us to be “little ones” (Matthew 11:25). 
Following Jesus should be simple and adventurous as well. For instance, we might try using our imagination in prayer by picturing ourselves in biblical times. We can imagine Jesus as he multiplies the loaves or walks on water. We can cross the Red Sea and journey to the Promised Land with the Israelites. We can place ourselves on the battlefield and witness David slaying the mighty Goliath. Using our imagination this way, we can imitate an inquisitive child and ask all manner of questions: 
“How can Jesus be everywhere at the same time? What does an angel look like?” 
Don’t settle for the same old routine! Be bold, and launch yourself on a new adventure. Try this experiment when you’re at Mass today. During the Eucharistic prayer, ask Jesus to take you to the upper room with him. Watch as he celebrates the very first Eucharist with his apostles. What does the scene look like? What is Jesus saying to you?
Go ahead and dare to be a child again. 

Learn, Grow, Serve

Join us this summer for a revitalized Theology on Tap Young Adult Speaker Series where you can learn, grow, and serve in your faith! 

The Archdiocese of Chicago is hosting a kickoff event on the evening of Monday, July 10 at Old Crow Smokehouse River North where you can enjoy free drinks, appetizers, and great company. Cardinal Blase J. Cupich will be hosting the evening, which will feature Father Tom Rosica, media attaché of the Holy See, organizer of World Youth Day, and CEO of Salt and Light TV, and Michael O’Loughlin, author of Tweetable Pope and National Correspondent for America Magazine, as they lead an interactive discussion on what young people have in common with Pope Francis (hint: it’s more than you think!). 

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the Chicago Theology on Tap website or Facebook page.  

Summer Travels

This past week I drove down to see good friends of mine in Cleveland, South Carolina. After lunch on the first day, they told me this joke.

A police officer pulls over a large white Cadillac on the highway. The officer asks the elderly female driver behind the wheel, “Ma’am, do you know how fast you were going?”

“Yes sir. 24 miles an hour. That’s the speed limit, officer. Why?” she asked in return. 

“No Ma’am. You were on State Route 24” the officer ex-plained to her.

The officer then looked in the back seat of the car and saw three elderly women cowering.

“He asked them, “Ladies, is everything alright back there?”

One lady nervously responded, “Officer, we just got off of State Route 113!”

May your travels be safe this summer. 

– Fr. Larry