2017-18 Annual Report

October 7, 2018

Dear friends in Christ, 

“It is in giving that we receive.” Those are the famous words taken from the Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. Nearly everyone recognizes a happy harmony between the words of this prayer and the generous, joy-filled and peace loving spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. Even in our early childhood our parents personally impressed upon us the valuable lesson of sharing with others, so that we can make a difference with our life. We know that without generosity we are lost.

Our parish, that strives to be a “Family of Families,” has certainly been blessed by the generosity and support of many parishioners who have graciously given of their time, talents and resources. These are sacred gifts that have enriched the spiritual life and mission of our growing faith community. Time and time again parishioners respond to the various challenges that come before us. As disciples of Christ we have courageously and successfully responded to each one of them—making Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph parish a vibrant and vital community. Your weekly contributions help to support our various ministries and our overall Catholic faith.

Giving happens in many beautiful and concrete ways. Yes, Christ is with us as we assist refugee families, feed the poor every week, help the homeless, educate our children, comfort the dying, prepare couples for the sacrament of marriage, care for newborn babies, and when we come to celebrate the Sunday Eucharist. The fruits of our labors have been many, and the rewards have been great. Yes, St. Francis was right. It is in giving that we receive many of God’s graces.

Please take the time to read the 2017-2018 Annual Financial Report that has been carefully prepared by the members of our Finance Committee. It reflects the current financial status of our parish. Our Parish Finance Council, that meets on a monthly basis, has prepared this Annual Report to help parishioners see the income that is needed to cover the actual expenses of running a parish. The good news is that for the 2017-2018 fiscal year the parish and the school once again ended up “in the black” by $42,978.

There has also been a great commitment and response to our recent capital campaign, To Teach Who Christ Is. As we enter into the third year of the campaign we have so far collected $1,107,279 of our pledged goal of $1,829,380. The Archdiocese of Chicago, in an extraordinary act of generosity, has eliminated nearly $9.1 million from our parish debt. This is a great sign of their confidence in the future of our parish and school. the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign will continue to help our school be an excellent place for our children to learn, and our parish to be a vibrant and active place for all types of families to grow in their faith.

We were blessed to have the funds to conduct several capital repairs and improvements within the last fiscal year. The completed list includes new exterior doors that were installed at the entrances to St. Joseph’s church. The exterior window frames of St. Joseph’s church were caulked and painted. New carpeting was installed at Immaculate Conception church and the school offices at our North Park campus. New flooring was also installed in the Joy Room. The parking lot at Immaculate Conception church was resurfaced. The bell-tower at St. Joseph church is currently being tuck-pointed, and the roof of the bell-tower is being repaired to prevent major leaking.

Our weekly collections are the lifeblood of our parish. At this time, we ask that you review what you are able to contribute to church on a weekly or monthly basis. Consider enrolling in the Electronic Giving Program, if you have not already. Right now, 48% of our Sunday collection is given electronically.

We very much appreciate your generosity and support over the last year. Should you have any questions about the financial state of our parish, or the capital campaign, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the Finance Council.

Respectfully Yours,

Fr. Larry Lisowski, Pastor

Parish Finance Committee: Mark Besztery (Parish Business Manager), Karen Dean, David Nick, Ward Russell, Nancy Wilke