2018 ICSJ Christmas Choir
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Welcome to the 2018 ICSJ Children’s Christmas Choir! Below, you will find helpful information including practice materials for the five musical selections the choir will be performing, as well as information on how to audition for one of the many speaking and singing solos. As always, if you have any questions, please contact Director of Music Kate Ryan at kryan@icsjparish.org. Thanks for your participation!

Important: Before auditioning, please make sure to sign up for the choir. Click here to register.


Rehearsal Schedule

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Solo Auditions

We encourage children to audition for one of the many spoken or singing solos in our Christmas Eve performance. The various solos are listed below. To audition, please follow the audition instructions and submit your video by 9:00 a.m. on Friday, December 14th. Results will be posted here after auditions have been completed. Break a leg!


Audition Instructions

  1. All auditions must be memorized.

  2. You can use a smartphone or your computer camera to make your video. Don’t worry too much about the lighting or how you look, it’s your voice we want to hear. Make sure the room is quiet and you’re not too far from the microphone. If it sounds echoey when you're finished, you're too far from the microphone.

  3. When you’re ready to go, press RECORD and introduce yourself. Loudly say your name, age, and what part you'll be reading or singing.

  4. Next, do your thing! Read your line or sing your part. Give it all you got!

  5. Finally, email your video file to Kate Ryan, Director of Music, at kryan@icsjparish.org by Friday, December 14th at 9:00 a.m. Please only send your best take; don’t send multiple versions.


Speaking Solo Choices

~ SOLO 1 ~
Merry Christmas, and welcome to our show!

~ SOLO 2 ~
We are so excited to celebrate with you tonight!

~ SOLO 3 ~
We have so many great things planned.
A heavenly choir…say “hi” everyone!
A great band…
And some rockin’ Christmas carols!

~ SOLO 4 ~
Speaking of that, let’s get right on with the show!
A very long time ago, on a ‘not so silent’ night, there was an announcement from heaven that would rock the world… 

Singing Solo Choices

(refer to the Program Sheet Music above)

page 20, m 45-50 (“Goodwill to all the earth, and peace divine. All of the earth rejoice!”)

There will be a rap solo AND a singing solo!
Rap Solo: Start at the beginning of the piece and continue until, “…This baby is here to stay.”
Singing Solo: page 32, m 15-26 (verse 2)

We will select three soloists for this song, however we’ll just be using the following portion of the song for the the audition.
Solo: page 33, m 7-23 (continue until “…take me back.”)

page 29, m 9-20 (continue until “…Jesus was her little child.”)