May 1, 2016


Each year, the parish goes through a rigorous budgeting process to ensure that your stewardship dollars are being wisely spent. Over the past three years, expenses required to operate the ICSJ parish community have been reduced by over $350,000. But, during that same time revenues have decreased by almost $150,000.

Our budget, in order to break-even, requires weekly parishioner contributions of $11,200...

Our budget, in order to break-even, requires weekly parishioner contributions of $11,200 (not including the budget for Christmas and Easter collections). Year to date, we are $46,514 dollars behind our budget with respect to these collections.

While much has been done to turn the tide of losses, the reality is that just covering our basic utilities, maintenance, and insurance insurance expense each month takes almost 2 weeks’ worth of Sunday collections. The balance of the IC-SJ parish expenses (including salaries, altar and liturgical supplies, etc.) then needs to be covered by the remaining collections. The IC-SJ parish does not have surplus funds sitting in an account for reserves. Although we are striving to get to the point of establishing such emergency reserves, we are not yet in that financial position.

Ways to Help

  • Consider registering for Electronic Giving which lets you plan and maintain a consistent giving level throughout the year, even when you’re unable to attend Mass. Our Giving page for has more information on Electronic Giving along with Frequently Asked Questions and an enrollment form. 
  • If it has been a while since you established your weekly giving levels, please consider increasing your support.
  • Easter Support – we are still celebrating the Easter season, so if you were away during the Easter weekend, please consider making your Easter contribution to the parish during this season. Although we reduced this years’ budget to match what we generously received last year, our collections fell short by over $12,000.
  • Reminder, we have a 2nd Collection for Catholic Charities on May 7th and 8th weekend.


Please contact Mark Besztery, IC-SJ Business Manager, with any questions at 312-944-1230 X5 or by clicking here.