2018 Giving Tree Program

November 17th–December 14th


This holiday season, be part of our ICSJ Parish Giving Tree Program and reach out to provide Christmas gifts to families in our Sharing Parish, Assumption Church BVM, our adopted refugee families; as well as senior citizens who frequent our Parish Food Pantry and residents of the Flannery Apartments at 1507 N. Clybourn, a CHA Building for seniors and disabled individuals.

To participate,

  1. Choose a Recipient. Please take a tag from the Christmas trees in the back of our churches that bear ornaments with the names of family members and senior citizens.

  2. Sign the Gift Roster. On the gift register next to the tree, provide your name and contact information next to the name of the person shown on the tag that you have selected. This way we will have a record of who will be purchasing a gift for the person in need.

  3. Wrap & Return your Gifts by Friday, December 14th. Purchase your gift, wrap it, and clearly mark it with the name from your gift tag ornament. Please return gifts to our Parish Office by Friday, December 14th. Please do not leave your gift(s) under the Giving Trees or anywhere else in the churches where they may be lost or misplaced.

Your participation and generosity in bringing Christmas joy to others in need is greatly appreciated!