Meeting 1: September 9, 2016


By: Kaitlin Larson

After introductions and an overview of the overall Parish Transformation Process and schedule, the group set down a list of norms and expectations it would hold itself to each week:

  • Honesty in our communication
  • Succinctness
    • Stay on topic
    • Keep it simple
    • No personal stories
  • Respectful of others’ opinions
    • Everyone has an opportunity to speak
    • Speak again once others have had an opportunity
    • Assume positive intentions
    • No side bar conversations
    • No snickering at others’ opinions
    • Don’t shut people down by saying “NO”; Respond “ Yes,  and ……….”
  • Think outside of the box – Think “boldly”
  • Leave individual Parish behind / We’re not I.C.; we’re not St. Joe’s;  We’re I.C. & St. Joe’s
  • Have enough small group discussions with “reporting out” to the larger group
  • Post-it notes for the "parking lot"
  • Questions on parking lot sheet addressed before meeting ends
  • Begin and end meetings on time


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