Our Parish Initiatives


The ICSJ Parish Transformation Program provided the stimulus and inspiration necessary to re-affirm our strengths, identify our needs, and articulate a clear vision for our future.

Along with a Mission Narrative, the Program resulted in five important Initiatives that will strengthen ICSJ and position us for a vibrant and viable future. Of these Initiatives, none is more important, or foundational to the other four, than the proposal to canonically combine our parishes.

Each of the Initiatives is described below, along with a list of talents and experience that would be useful for success. Whether you have any of these skills or not isn't important; rather, please use this as a guide to help you decide which Ministry or Ministries most interests you; all are welcome and needed! When you've decided how you'd like to get involved, click here.

Initiative 1: Parish Combination

Objective: Assure the long-term viability of ICSJ, and the success of the four other Parish Transformation Initiatives, through the canonical combination of our two parishes into one faith community.

Action Plan: Share plan with Parish Council, Finance Council, and parishioners (December-February 2016); obtain Archdiocesan approval (January 2016); complete administrative details (February-June 2016); official Parish Combination celebration (July 2016).

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Initiative 2: Missionary Spirit Ministry

Ministry Objective: Encourage parishioner participation in new and rejuvenated community outreach and ministry programs.

Action Plan: Consider development of parish volunteer fair, social action events, career fulfillment program, teen service projects, etc.

Useful Parishioner Talents & Experience:

  • Willing to take on social action issues and assist the marginalized in our community
  • Willing to welcome and help visitors make us their spiritual home
  • Willing to reach out to and encourage lapsed Catholics to revisit their faith

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Initiative 3: Spiritual Life Ministry

Ministry Objective: Increase opportunities for parishioners of all ages to become more engaged and involved with their faith and with the ICSJ community.

Action Plan: Consider development of interesting and spiritually rewarding liturgical activities, clubs, parish events, etc.

Useful Parishioner Talents & Experience:

  • Willing to help people of all ages grow spiritually and learn about their Catholic faith
  • Creative/Idea Person
  • Experienced in Organizing Activities and Events
  • Self-starter
  • Energetic
  • Organizational Skills

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Initiative 4: Stewardship Ministry

Ministry Objective: Achieve financial stability at ICSJ by promoting active financial stewardship participation inspired by Gospel values, gratitude for God’s gifts, and our Catholic faith.

Action Plan: Consider development of an E-Giving Adoption Campaign, an Annual Pledge Campaign, etc.

Useful Parishioner Talents & Experience:

  • Finance Background
  • Experience in Development & Fundraising
  • Enthusiastic
  • Organizational Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-starter
  • Energetic
  • Social Networking Skills

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Initiative 5: Communications Ministry

Ministry Objective: Grow and retain our parish community by sharing our unique story and increasing our visibility in the neighborhood and the community at large.

Action Plan: Inform and engage current and prospective parishioners through weekly bulletin updates, parish website, social media, etc.; boost parish visibility through advertising, signage, SEO, social media reviews, etc.

Useful Parishioner Talents & Experience:

  • Creative Writing Skills
  • Advertising Background
  • Marketing Background
  • Graphic Design Skills
  • Photography Talents
  • Web Development Skills
  • SEO Skills
  • Desktop Publishing Skills

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