Help us keep ICSJ safe. Church security is everyone’s responsibility; you are our eyes and ears. To support a safe and peaceful environment for our parishioners and visitors, please look for and report suspicious activity in or around our buildings and parking lots. ICSJ has recently hired off-duty law enforcement officers to provide additional security in our church on weekends. Their presence does not mean that there is any threat or concern. Please remember to thank these officers for their assistance and pray for their ongoing safety as they protect our neighborhood. And thank you for helping us keep our parking lots and buildings safe at ICSJ!

To report suspicious activity, 

For more information on why we’re asking for donations, please read Fr. Larry’s message below.

A Message From Fr. Larry

originally published in the 2/10/19 ICSJ Bulletin

In December of last year, before the holidays, our parish hired off-duty law enforcement officers to provide additional security at our two worship sites on weekends. Their presence does not reflect any imminent threat or concern. Holy Name Cathedral, our neighbors to the north, provide the same service for their parishioners and visitors.

The practical reality is that we are an active, vibrant and growing parish situated in downtown Chicago. When you watch the news, or look at neighborhood reports and statistics, it is obvious that there is a certain percentage of crime that comes with living in the big city. We are not in Mayberry, (Mount Airy) North Carolina.

Unfortunately, there are situations when our security is compromised by those who are caught in desperate situations and then they jeopardize the peace and safety of those around them. We have seen, both locally and nationally, disrespectful disturbances occur in various sacred places of worship.

Personally, know that Fr. McBrady and I, feel much more at ease when we celebrate Mass knowing that a security officer is in our presence.

The annual cost to provide the security officers is around $40,000. (Our Parish School spends nearly $200,000 annually to provide security on a daily basis for our faculty, staff and students.) I mentioned to our Finance Council and Parish Council that this expense is not included in our current Parish Operating Budget. Both Councils accepted my recommendation to make an appeal to our parishioners for a free-will offering to help balance our budget. Whatever contribution you can make will help keep our parish in the black at the end of the fiscal year.

Let us work together to support a safe and peaceful environment for our parishioners and visitors. Please look for and report any suspicious activity in or around our buildings and parking lots.