The ICSJ Prayer Connection

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Knowing that someone is praying for you is a comfort—praying for the intentions of others is an honor (as well as a spiritual work of mercy!). 

The ICSJ Prayer Connection is a team of parishioners who, upon receiving prayer requests via the request form below, pray for people here in our parish and all over the world. It is a rewarding ministry, and an easy way for parishioners who are home-bound or don’t have much free time to be involved in the life of the parish. Sometimes, people who have submitted requests will write back to let The Prayer Connection team know their prayers were answered, which is always very exciting! A few examples of people we are praying for right now include Joshua, who is fighting brain cancer, and Eileen, who is going through rehabilitation and hoping to walk again. Please keep them in your prayers, and please consider joining our team!

Annabelle Cabrera, Lisa Feriend, Toni Gamble, Theresa Hester, Joy Loverde, Dirk Muehlebach, Margaret Nick, Elba Pena, Mary Prendergast, Kim Rak, Jodi Thyen, Ralph Trommeter
The Prayer Connection Team

Join the Team! If you would like to be part of The Prayer Connection ministry, or would like more information, please click here. We invite you to join us in the joyful and rewarding work of lifting others up through prayer.

Prayer Request Form

If you, a family member, or a friend, are in need of immediate prayer, please submit this request form by following the 3 easy steps. Needs may include illness, births, job interviews, moving, death, surgery, disability, difficult situations, job loss, and more. No request is too large or too small. There is no fee for prayer requests, and all requests remain confidential.

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