Meeting 8: November 4, 2016

By: Kaitlin Larson

The Transformation Committee spent this past week’s session working in our designated small groups, expressing ideas, using survey data, and previous notes, to develop an action plan for our parish moving forward. The three small groups that committee members are a part of are Finance, Mission, and Education/School. The Finance Committee focuses on the financial state of our parish and related issues such as collection, electronic giving, opportunities for fundraising, and looking at what will be best for our parish community in tackling our debt. The Mission team assists the construction of the mission narrative and how our building blocks are present and carried out within our parish community. Finally, the Education/School team looks at both the school community of ICSJ and their involvement with the parish community as well as education for our parishioners and families.

The subcommittees are also working on an action plan that supports our parish building blocks of Prayer & Worship, Missionary Spirit, and Stewardship, which are also reflected in our Mission Narrative.

The committee also had an opportunity to hear and support the development of the parish’s Mission Narrative. This will become the cornerstone of our parish and will reflect what our community resembles and has to offer. It will be captured through scripture, our building blocks, and collaborative ideas from the overall committee members. We are excited about the Mission Narrative and believe it truly captures the ICSJ community. A final draft will be shared with parishioners. 

Next week subcommittee members will continue their work by brainstorming actions to achieve our goals, selecting specific objectives and timelines to complete the steps of the action plan. Items that will also be discussed by the Parish Transformation Committee are evaluating the Mass schedule and Mass times to support a greater sense of community amongst the ICSJ parish community.