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Church In Crisis: Listening Sessions

A Message from Fr. McBrady:

The crisis that continues to shake our Church has set loose a wide range of emotions. We are living through very difficult days. It is important to both Fr. Larry and me that you feel able to share with us whatever is on your mind and in your heart as this entire situation grows more distressing by the day. To that end, I invite each of you to consider participating in one of these listening sessions at our parish:

• Saturday, January 19th after the 5 pm Mass at IC
• Sunday, January 20th after the 9:30 am Mass at IC
• Sunday, January 20th after the 11 am Mass at IC

In particular, I ask that any of our members who may be considering giving up on our Church seriously consider attending one of these listening sessions. Fr. Larry and I are keeping all of you in our prayers and, in turn, we ask you to keep us in yours.