ICSJ Saturday Morning Scripture Study

Throughout the year, members of the Immaculate Conception and St. Joseph Parish community gather for hot coffee and lively discussion designed to help them grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures while deepening their understanding of the riches of our Catholic faith. 

Our Winter/Spring 2019 Series: Understanding Jesus’ Greatest Sermon


The Beatitudes. The Golden Rule. The Lord’s Prayer. Most of us know the Sermon on the Mount in segments but few of us have had the opportunity to learn about this powerful part of the New Testament as a profound whole. That’s why ICSJ’s Saturday Morning Scripture Study group is excited to present, Understanding  Jesus’ Greatest Sermon. In this 12-part DVD series, Fr. Dennis Hamm, S.J., one of Catholicism’s leading bible scholars, illuminates Jesus’ words as told by Matthew and Luke and places them against the background of the Old Testament, bringing us closer to what these sayings meant to their original audiences— and what they mean to our lives today. Join us for one or all 12 of these interesting and lively discussions! All are welcome!

Understanding Jesus’ Greatest Sermon
Saturdays – 10:00–11:30 a.m.

Immaculate Conception Church
3rd-floor Meeting Room
Coffee will be served at 9:45 a.m.

January 19: Preliminaries: Why Listen to Matthew and Luke?
January 26: Four on the Plain: The Beatitudes (and Woes) According to Luke (6:20-26)
February 2: Nine on the Mount: The Beatitudes According to Matthew
February 9: Salt, Light, and Fulfillment of the Law (Matt 5:13-20)
February 16: Anger, Lust, Divorce and Oaths (Matt 5:21-37)
February 23: The Fifth “Antithesis”: From Balanced Retaliation to Creative Nonviolence (Matt 5:38-42)
March 2: The Love of Enemies (Matt 5:43-48; Luke 6:27-36)
March 9: For His Eyes Only: Almsgiving, Prayer, and Fasting (Matt 6:1-18; Luke 11:2-8)
March 16: Treasure, Eye, Master, and Your Father’s Care (Matt 6:19-34; Luke 12:13-34)
March 23: Judge Not, but Use Your Head and Heart (Matt 7:1-12; Luke 6:31, 37-42; 11:6-32)
March 30: Do What You Hear!
April 6: Post-Biblical Responses to Jesus’ Teaching on Nonviolence

Newcomers are always welcome!  Try one session, or come to all. You’ll gain new insights into the riches of our faith while enjoying the fellowship of other parishioners! 

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Saturdays, 10:00-11:30 a.m.
Immaculate Conception 3rd-floor Meeting Room
Coffee will be served at 9:45 a.m.

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